New Sunday rubric for your boosting your mood is on its way. Let me know how you feel about it!  

    Food is not only for your body needs, but also for your senses. I realize one of the biggest mistakes we make is eating just to gorge our stomachs or have energy for the day.

feel good Cook or order something delicious and well arranged, go out on the terrace, close eyes, take a deep breath so the flavor of the dish can penetrate your lungs and liberate a great amount of serotonin in your bloodstream. That’s it! At this moment, you don’t need more! Only rest in the comfortable armchair and let blinded by the Sunday sun!

     Please, never let thoughts like “Who is going to wash the dishes?” disturb your ‘nirvana’ moments 😉 Use yout freedom right now right there!

482064_4536519371040_1015682694_n 168278_484265693939_852456_n 383469_10150869065303984_1300547835_n FRANCE FOOD1 FOOD JULIE FOOD ANNA V2 FOOD ANNA V FOOD JULIE LEP2 food alina 166648_484266198939_8155024_n 168776_1531773974283_3183850_n 180860_10150096721788940_4256100_n

No, no, no, it’s not a mistake! I do really uploaded the shoe’s picture, because I think they look gorgeous and perfect as a sunny afternoon cake. Don’t you feel like you want to eat them with a cup of latte???? FOOD JULIE LEP andreea red 734771_4202825788909_1039086978_n 485963_10200970565445947_157537269_n

Photos by: http://www.fabulousmuses.net/

Anna Vedeneeva

Andreea Red

Julie Lepoeva

Loretta Evtimova

Valerio Natale

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