For more glamour- please, SMILE…and do some work!


     Hello again from me and Gabi! Today we’ve decided to visit you again into your homes and minds! Hope you’re doing well those days. Continue reading

FRANCE, Je t‘aime!


    I’ve decided to satisfy one of my obsessions about seeing the world and all the colorful and gorgeous places and people. That’s why I create a new Sunday rubric “FACE-TRIP-BOOK”, in which I am going to share pictures from our characters trippin ’ facebook albums, exposing their point of view, what they liked about the country and what kind of’ photo memories’ they’ve token with them.

  In the beginning of the beginning we are going to “visit” France (most of the pictures are token in Paris), our most preferred destination, as the results from the question form , you, my friends, have filled in. Hope this ’photo trip’ will be delightful for you, help you remember your wonderful experience or wake up your interest for some new adventures!    Continue reading