Even black could give you a colorful look!


   We all know there is a THING in fashion, which possesses a certain power over our reaction and decisions. We all have taken advantage of its qualities in special or critical moments, because IT has the possibility to bring life and expression to our beauty ‘gifts’, focusing on who and what we are, but not on its own existence. Even if there are many pros and cons, it is not hard at all to fall in love with it, as many of you probably did! Oh yes, I am talking about the great BLACK color!

   How many women do not have at least one little black dress, black leggings, jeans, shirts, bras, underwear, shoes, accessories, bag, sunglasses….? It can make you look thinner, elegant, sexy and ladylike, giving you confidence and power to conquer men’s minds! Even the fact black is the color of sorrow, for sure, when a man sees a sexy-curved hot example of female race, stuck into tiny black dress, there seem to appear much more different feelings and thoughts!


   Although in black there is neither light, nor any message, it gives the best contrast, bringing to life all the little spicy niceties. Add some denim or lace condiments, a pinch of accessories, plus a piece of a colored item, expressing your inner moods then go and  bake this mixture all night long in your favorite club.

   Here we have one of these hot women I am talking about. Her name is Kat, or rather would say ‘wild Cat’! I present you some of her outfits, which perfectly illustrate the power of black and some possible combinations, invented by the artistic attitude she spreads all around her, charging the atmosphere with protons. Watching at her pictures, I hear a voice, telling me, go there girl, go out and do IT, do what you feel you want to, be bold enough and don’t let the others to take your decisions! Try on something new, unusual for you, break one more limit! Eat this fakin world, or he is going to eat you! We got the power!

   Here is a link for her Tumblr page ‘HERE YOU CAN SIN’. Enjoy the show!

ALEX CHITU PHOTO 417114_272886012787819_143294795_n 429801_272886869454400_526597197_n 6 3 ALEX CHITU 4 7 2 376092_461043623972056_1330733543_n 1 600010_336292173113869_1071361095_nPhotographies  source: Kat Goulding facebook profile, Alex Chitu PHOTOGRAPHY, Baws


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