Be happy NOW, do not wait for tomorrow!


    Life is not a constant dimension, as well as happiness! One day we wake up and realize we’ve been waiting for the better day all our life! Tomorrow I am going to feel better, tomorrow I am going to do my job, and tomorrow I am going to tell the most precious people I love them… Postponing takes us away from what we do really need and look for! Do at least one thing you were thinking to do the other day, and see how you are going to feel! There is one obligation we do not ignore for sure, the holly SHOPPING! We even do it overtime. This is how we are and this makes us feel better!

    Anyway, try to outgrow your own disadvantages and weaknesses, and rock this world proud and confident enough! There is a pretty good rock girl on the line today! We have with us Natalie Joos, a strong and charming woman, determined to give her best and stay in people minds, blending work and fun. As you can see in her own page ‘TALES OF ENDEARMENT’, she manages to introduce and share in a somehow fascinating way her own experience and keep you on with her interests. It is not an easy job to find a common language with all the people, it is a combination between a good education, a lot of communication experience, philosophical approaches and personal qualities expressing what makes you unique. There is a thin line that can easily be crossed, but maintaining “on board” approves your qualities and help you realize what you’ve got! Well, Natalie, you have a lot! I admire woman like you!

    Moreover, we have the chance to taste her fabulous high fashioned style! Observing all these outfits, I could say she is a brave experimenter, opened to try all and find beauty in different dimensions, colors and forms, a proof of open-hearted communicative person. Here is the best explanation in photos of the fact people can be beautiful in more than one color, cut or a heel height! Making experiments is our style torch, enlightening new unconquered lands of ourselves!

    So why don’t you start a new research….TODAY….NOW?

739_10151142451900264_1642022191_n IMG_4301-2-336x505 C4L8343-757x505 IMG_3976-336x505 62029_10151050915495264_826009781_n 74731_10151115823705264_221107222_n 947183_10200985010444443_1671643073_n 734600_10151298068180264_220217850_n IMG_4338_TEMPLATE_LQ-336x505 IMG_99351-336x505 DSC6405-757x505 59346_416113765127837_1654708861_n 578129_10151335359040264_334276894_n 24424_10151188017895264_1348370418_nPictures by TALES OF ENDEARMENT

Facebook page: Natalie Joos


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