Everybody has a place where he dreams to find peace, beauty, attractions and maybe love…! For sure once in a lifetime you’ve felt need to make something spontaneous, take your luggage almost empty, put in your swimming suit, few pairs of underwear, a nail file, sun milk, passport, money, with other words the minimum necessary, leaving more free space for the shopping obsession ‘fruits’ and small coquettish gifts. Then jump in the car or any kind of transportation and accessorize your face with the sweetest smile for the last few months! Thinking of my blog as a dream journey I’ve recently started, I found one more chic present for you today, a real ‘dream breaker’, because she makes them come true, liberating space for new one in your soul and mind. I could see in her face the ocean with all the unusual beauty and mystery it has, you know very well its special scent which fills your lungs with energy for unforgettable moments.

    Dream destination: Tammy Joanna, a photographer, a model and a designer. As I’ve mentioned in the earlier post, a photographer is a story-teller and his stories can be about nature, science, beauty, fiction, art of living. Fashion is one of our favorite arts …of living! Don’t tell me you are not thinking about “What am I going to put on today, so I can feel free, beautiful and complete?”, and this is just an example from the overcrowded sack. I like the Tammy ‘accomplish day tasks’ look, her freshness and expressions’ honesty. Preserving her natural uniqueness, reinforcing it with a comfy urban chick garments, she manages to transmit her emotions to the world, and make us feel better.

    There is more than just one story and one dream! What is yours and what is your way of telling it? What is the thing you cannot travel without? For me it is the positive thinking…and comfortable shoes, of course!

    Tickets for Tammy Joanna’s destination: Animat(design and photography) and TammyJoanna Model! Take it as our gift for you and keep in mind all the good you see!

320792_649776045038344_886401162_n 484998_556237561058860_1571549300_n 544754_641586535857295_2097637392_n Lecturi Urbane 208338_515924195090197_1046495195_n 74825_1619770487688_979604_n 313038_315731321776153_464070489_n 303302_3246472554223_1216123261_n 311825_294613273887958_494299410_n 406826_563525900330026_852103442_n Daniela Diaconu 563820_2858517428289_1993293614_n Claudia Dragnea 282949_495610913788192_2018179743_n 380424_357299844285967_2044055986_n


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