5   Play one of these Julia Govor sets, and then read! Upbraid your hair, close your eyes and think about nothing! It is the women’s hardest and men’s easiest thing to do! Anyway, learn to do it at least for a minute per day, if you haven’t yet! Dance, express the way you feel that music, give it life through your body and spread it all around your mind! Feel free to do a handstand if you want, jump high or stay steel in the bad, just follow the beat! It can always take you to a better world! 1

    Fashion is very often bounded and inspired from music. We can consider it, in this case, fashion and dance are sister and brother, because they come from the same source, from the same energy core, which explode as a nuclear bomb, affecting any part of the world!

Do you love music? Do you love fashion? If YES+YES => you love to party! Today you are on the right place, because we sneak into the profile of a super cool young Dj, who makes house music. I am also a house lover and I need to confess I can’t understand all its genres, but today we have really hot and burning artworks. It raises the quantity of adrenaline in the blood, a roller-coaster-ride-like sensation, going up and down, darkness and light, fear and calmness, but it keeps you all the time into its vicious circle.

Julia has power and most of all talent! You can get more information about her on the site .I find her style so musical and full of the energy I was talking about. Do you feel it already? Do you love it? I do! It is hypnotizing! Even before I get aware of what does she produces, I somehow was able to feel it through the body language and the way she dresses. Now I am not surprised from what I hear! You are going to know her for sure, no need of “hi, how are you” dialogue! I leave you to party now 🙂

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