311939_287228934637993_849027808_n    I tried to find some exact definition of SOPHISTICATED and VIBE in the online dictionaries and suddenly I stumbled into this “sophisticated: a situation comparable to a homeless man jacking off on your face” and in the same page bun under another number: “The opposite behavior of 98% of the population below age 21. Sophistication is a mix of knowing when a joke’s over, caring somewhat about the consequences of your actions, talking about something of reasonable importance, having a good dose of common sense, not letting your immediate reactions control your life, knowing how much information is TOO much information, and not wearing your jeans lower than your underwear.”     I am happy that only 2 % of the population under 21 is getting into situations, comparable to a homeless man jacking off on their faces! I meant to relate the meaning of the word to the fashion, but somehow I couldn’t refrain myself to share with you this curious ‘fact’. There are two completely opposite meanings and understanding for a single word! Actually it is like this with more of the things. Now I am going to be afraid if I smile on the street, someone could think I am having stomach problems!


Let’s concentrate on the meaning I want to convey to the gorgeous woman on the pictures! She is Manuela Lupascu from “Let’s talk about fashion”. I find her style quite balanced, elegant and refined. I suppose you already know, I like making comparisons, because my imagination is always associating one thing to another. In this line of thinking, in my mind pops up a vision for a porringer with blood-red strawberries, which full the space with a sweet spellbinding flavor, accompanied by a glass of Bollinger Champagne Rose (I haven’t tasted it, but EL James is enough expressive to make me feel what it tastes like in the ’50 Shades trilogy’).

It’s your turn to imagine the rest of the dream, which actually seems so real!

305272_286420164718870_1479342939_n 943481_621534741207409_1946906897_nYou can visit the Facebook Page of Manuela’s blog here 310702_292385334122353_1755672044_n 313031_291698087524411_826201384_n 380413_319746481386238_1959885444_n 422180_492292027465015_1092114219_n 526265_333132206746178_1058219927_n 528433_609939302366953_355357406_n 576712_444733878887497_1799221225_n

Let`s talk about fashion with Manuela!



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