12414_437374159683561_733515352_n    One of the biggest problem people have, when it comes to create a certain outfit, is about how to choose the adequate styling for the place we have to go or the even we should take part to. Fashion is becoming more and more affordable as stylists are! Google is full of good examples and advises. Learn to look for the perfect way to express your individuality, make a short research and discover a proper way to be interesting (if that is your aim). It is not necessary to be ridiculous for concentrating all the attention upon you!579912_431548913599419_635278986_n     The best example I could find now is my next character from Italy, Jerome Centeno. In the pictures I’ve chosen you can find perfect examples for outfits, which suits to the location of the pictures, as an ice cream suits your tongue and stomach while on the beach at 2 p.m.! 376020_444725355615108_1107359762_n 483702_426832400737737_909073615_n    There is a symbiosis between Jerome, his style and the rest of the components on the pictures. More of these you can find in his blog ‘The Chic Styler’. By the way guys, I think it is time for you to become bolder and jump over the limits that have been consolidated for the last decades! Look at this man and the way he exposes his ideas! There is no need for him to talk! The message he sends when walking on the street is stronger than just a “jeans + a T-shirt” outfit. Become a gallery of your ‘inventive nature’, we all know (or are going to find out) man have more active imagination and higher ability to visual-spatial perceptions. This is biologically proved! What can we do, the mother NATURE said so!526058_387509588003352_1009173662_n 35499_361622867258691_208414806_n 555830_442911375796506_1107849444_n 734639_422227691198208_1595096652_n 29793_368053609948950_1426659454_n 184206_415223778565266_944988527_n 72303_423747954379515_11257031_n 75031_407090616045249_750021111_nthechicstyler.com 184537_386704728083838_1576582790_nFind FACESTYLEBOOK on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Bloglovin!


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