62854_10201051612477076_153172903_n    Here I am today, bringing you another part of good mood and style inspiration. To help me with my mission, I invited Georgiana Boboc, an artistic woman, a journalist and fashion curator. The emotions her style offers is like travel into an exotic country where you can find those old tiny streets with colorful facades, hardworking people and joyful music coming out from a small corner shop for antics……leading you to a big market square fulfill of pretty enchanting handmade stuffs, flowers and fruits! Mmmmm, I can’t get enough of this imagination! 307611_10200372096369598_1093704185_n

    There is no need to mention how responsiveness and pleasant she was when I sent my invitation! This is something I appreciate a lot, because THE STYLE OF BEHAVING is one of the best supports for happiness.

    I’ve read today that when you have to send an e-mail to a unco (especially to a woman), you have a higher chance to get an answer in the next 24h, only if you are rude and use words like ‘stupid’ and ‘omission’! I am asking myself if I should try this tactics when no response is received in a pleasant way! It can become adaptable game and a way to get what I want no matter how. Is this the right direction of acting? Here only the experience I still don’t have, can give me the answer!

379167_4924531995716_1061397781_n   I am leaving you to enjoy all the colors and emotions, Georgiana bring with her! It is not so easy to make colors live together, but she succeed to do it by a very original and personal way! The other speciality of hers is the layering tendency, something I find very pretty and useful because of the outfit variations it offers in the same time, looking somehow chaotic but  well thought out. Vintage is her trend and passion, as you can see from the fashion blog ‘VINTAGE TRAFFIC’, she is administrating and writing! There you might continue your exotic trip through the depths of her style!

HERE WE GOOOOO…..483634_10201068299094231_1958303559_n 543887_10200389431042954_1911505697_n 217804_4651234843458_623959852_n 602202_10200754443368034_1411049599_n 391728_4789348216206_412820285_n 36254_10150365741455157_3393502_n les marais vintage traffic street style georgiana boboc manoush pink studded sneakers floral print combi bow green neon rhinestone necklace ysl lipstick fashion blog paris 560257_10201109301679270_1092680249_n 65653_10201101084233839_1652876657_nVISIT VINTAGE-TRAFFIC.COM


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