62407_10151297612382511_1223857797_n    Talking about sun and summer all the time finally is giving results-30 ˚C, here in Bulgaria. I can complain at all, but you know, people are an odd ‘breed’, or maybe more specifically, we, women…. asking all the time about the same thing and when we get it, we usually  find something unpleasant, losing the chance to enjoy our desires fulfilled. That’s why is the saying “be careful what you wish for”, but I would agree more with “Make your aims come true” dictum. That’s why I continue communicating and keeping in touch with new creative happy personalities, who make my days look like holidays! 225769_10151358384347511_1345349661_n    I dare to present you Linda Tol. She is a shining talented girl from Netherlands and introduces to the world her unique sensual style, I would compare instinctively to the Northern lights! Although observed in Norway, I rather refer to the beauty and uniqueness of this phenomenon!

    Here is an equation between posh sophistication and flamboyant personality, equal to ‘eye and mind orgasm’. The smile on her face heats my heart even stronger than the burning sun out there! I adore such a positive looks! They are always charging and encouraging. She is one of the co-creators of the site, a page about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, a great instrument for unloading your negative daily emotions. You can see by yourself that the main accessory she applies on every look is her magical SMILE (you can get the advice in this sentence by yourself)!

69693_10151258283497511_582145277_n 197355_10150108261192511_6604504_n 417207_10150554572422511_542369644_n 533848_10151328314687511_1272311573_n 644188_10151273638117511_492889168_n 561451_10151330737657511_1482522295_n 546230_10151051819137511_1787964938_n 429667_10151291475782511_1061946441_n 534310_10151022096457511_1837883893_n 150641_10151152284547511_273631991_n 574618_10151251133187511_1168413227_n
579772_10151231658892511_398348354_n    Many more outfits and inspiration you can discover on her  profile! I recommend you to take your time and view all off them! You can learn much about fashion from her 😉


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