524140_100499763432461_1829746611_n    While washing the dishes, I started thinking about babies, like a pure form of the human essence. They are unconstrained, naturally emotional (they do not use emotions as an instrument to get what they want, at least in the early period of their existence), and follow their instincts without any kind of control (parents take this role!). That’s why by observing their behavior, we can start making some superficial conclusions about what WE ARE!484961_168054920010278_1727757244_n    Have you ever seen a baby, looking obsessively for his mom’s nipple? Yes, you might say it is instinctively, but haven’t you asked yourself if this is the first thing we addict to? And this is only the beginning of the cycle! We are obsessed about something all the time! Coffee, sugar, sport, fashion, love, friends, science, books, TV, internet, blogs, magazines, sun, summer, sea, parties, traveling, family, control, money, power…….another list with no end! Addictions are always associated with going over the limits, losing control over actions, even if the mind is perfectly aware of what and why is happening, somehow he refuses to struggle. We are created to be complicated and there is never going to be a single explanation, cause, factor, result. 155583_135640279918409_1980094879_n    Today, I’ve chosen Deny along with her magical face, feminine style and creative work, to tempts you and help you find your answers. She is very active and sunny girl, writing a blog about fashion, beauty, style, useful advices. Here you can visit it! …VISIT IT!….She is inventing accessories and clothes, which you can shop online HERE. Bringing the spirit of a young positive person, addicted to create and evolve, Lilly Vanilly (this is her nick name) is like a conquistador of the notion for human nature! She doesn’t bother to find the answers of the questions that is being excited for, looking in every corner for hidden piece of forgotten information. I could say this is quite good fitness for the mind! Knowing how to put your question and make a useful and satisfying conversation for all of the participants, can be considered as one of the most necessary skills we should possess. ‘Learn to learn’ every minute form each kind of source is what we all should do! 207604_136601446488959_1222461368_n 525969_125039257645178_2082249644_n 533486_10151272619668604_903560861_n 546797_138587999623637_586809345_n 550369_132471266901977_1095107721_n 579079_134766803339090_1194984132_n 599488_100409403441497_1178791939_s 15289_139156362900134_1085599384_n
311604_100506590098445_1778251537_n 423440_267984063271954_1043407831_n

Happy holidays to you all! Feel free to ADDICT… HAPPINES!



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