Hey you, kitty lovers and kitty haters, how are you today? It’s the middle of the week, Thursday and Friday are going to slip off inwardly, so here we are, making plans for the weekend. That is so pleasant activity, but first finishes your job. I am telling you, from my experience, better finish the ‘must do’ list and then think about the rest. This way in your off duty days, you can relax completely and enjoy each leisure activity. 644020_3832199848854_1744717051_n 644566_3835661175385_1940048995_n

    We have with us Cornelia, our shining flower from the ”L’esperance guidant le peuple” post. Somehow she reminds me of the happy sun faces I used to draw in the nursery. I might repeat myself, but you can fall in love with these eyes just for seconds! Have you seen a small lovely kitty, when not frightened? It is always ready to play with you, always wants more and more. If you decide to stop it stare at you with its large smiling colored eyes, melting down all your ”inner contents”. How can you refuse this mug and leave it sad?Noo, noo, no way!… ? Hope most of the men feel the same for their girlfriends 🙂

    Cornelia, I am sure your friends are happy to have you near 😉

602538_3987895221141_320857047_n 551903_3781260295397_2107367800_n 552361_3950563247865_1448381356_n 537176_4296856864989_1389769044_n 537972_4344502816108_184650934_n 523224_3836107986555_1266569573_n 522449_4056114766587_238635068_n 384315_2207716677790_574501900_n 282416_1859722058142_5821185_n 281917_1858078297049_4113109_n689_4050517746665_817036183_n

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