For more glamour- please, SMILE…and do some work!


     Hello again from me and Gabi! Today we’ve decided to visit you again into your homes and minds! Hope you’re doing well those days. After a long sleepless night, working on my project,  I come again thinking about is it going to be like this all the time. I’ve caught myself many times thinking about the tensioned moments when I need more time for myself, but I can’t get it, because of the main purpose I follow and makes me happy. This is it! This is life and for all of us who count on own achievements, we are going to have moments like this regularly! I am actually proud I can manage those situations and find my way to cope. You also should be proud of yourself! Now, please smile for each victory, and don’t forget the more you work hardly now=> the greater the result => bigger the happiness => larger the smile => looking beautiful and GLAMOROUS, as Gabi is! 230875_548553375158097_1629171807_n

     Gabriela supplies us today with interesting ideas for urban street outfits. Even busy and ‘multifunctional’, she never stops blooming like an early spring flower.

    Here is one evening prom outfit, where beside the pretty allure woman, I like al lot the feather statement necklace and the way it spices her black elegant dress. It is designed by Cristina Curiman Liciu. Each one has its own individuality and temper 🙂

You can see more fashion proposals on Art and Fashion page.
384839_548554238491344_489303676_n 523298_3454456994632_520606314_n 378367_4103731626092_1209482447_n 306771_2233259425456_7686231_n 423293_3217401588395_492554718_n 480458_4956834873140_1461048750_n 281514_4409962961684_1868813013_n 292085_2199486541155_394736_n 562766_4087103610402_1675678076_n 575801_3931204553023_371738128_n 536502_4465354266432_161813725_n

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