Those days I was thinking about how important is style about the city and how much the first impression of a visitor depends on how the locals dress up! Of course, it’s much about the architecture (it takes the first place), about the infrastructure, the season (some cities are very ugly in the winter but nicer in the spring when trees and flowers wake up), the history and the economy, even about the prices and entertainments. But all those go together with people and they usually should put some clothes on. It reminds me that even Eva and Adam used to “wear” some leaves!    


      People give life to the places and they become significant, attractive and important. I don’t want to say all citizens should wear expensive clothes or brands, but at least we should think about the way we represent, in the first place, ourselves then our culture and our city.

       “Really? Do we have to think about that? What if I wake up early in the morning and I do not have any energy for creating my super stylish and representative outfit?” Well, let’s say, this is why you need to recharge your batteries and learn to start the day with smile and energizing breakfast, because each one of us has a role. We should realize that we have the power to make other people’s day better and we might start from the way we look and dress!


      I present you a perfect example of an inspiring woman with an excellent flair for fashion. Her name is Alina and here you can read the first post, her style inspired me to write! You can get more sweetness on the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS pages.I wish I and all of you could start our days with such a colorful mood and sun in our eyes.

      The city defines us and we define the city! So if we move on, if we are creative and innovative, so the city will be! Go on for it and just imagine you are a tourist. What would you like to see?????

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