268964_10150225801758940_8043102_n     Being deeply inspired by Anna Vedeneeva’s style, I want to share with you the rest of the pictures I’ve chosen. For more similar outfits and clothes, check out “Tendresses Store”! The new S/S ‘13 collection is like a box full of different by form, share and taste, but classy and sophisticated chocolate bonbons! I suppose there is no woman in the world who does not like chocolate! So if have your way through Moscow, there it is.   

545699_456608587725187_975228916_n 574813_10151349213163940_2000258519_n 28 532110_10150913333413940_954573578_n 528775_10150786904888940_175715807_n 532820_10150847780993940_191676511_n 393629_10150461678513940_441171837_n 33 32163_10151260534898940_192511011_n 200072_10150109735808940_3962211_n 31 30 25 24 23 22601161_10151266606148940_1974803381_n540456_487975521255160_1097113355_n 299755_10150374075403940_1088742248_n 376805_10150370562393940_1626618458_n 487192_10151328639813940_1544957963_n


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