1     Anna is a young fashion designer from Russia. She has chosen her direction and goes straight for it, achieving success and recognition from pros. Just looking in her countenance, I could say this is a happy person, who wakes up with a smile on her face each morning, thinking for the dreams she’s madden come true. Sawing her, shining like a rising sun, I suddenly felt need to share and spread this impression with you!   

     Some people are scared of dreaming, for unknown reasons. Maybe sometimes we don’t know how and what to wish for. We’ve accepted that those things are so unreal and impossible, that sometimes it felts painful thinking about them! Oh, come on! Nowadays there are no impossible things! There is only a lack of desire and belief! Sounds ridiculous for you? I hope not! We should try harder and remain positive and optimistic. There is enough sun for everyone!

     Happiness makes us beautiful and useful for ourselves and for the people who loves us! Nobody says it is easy, but the easy things are so boring! Being in love is a necessity, and I am not talking only about your boy/girlfriend, but about life. Let’s “shake” our brains (be careful not to hit your head somewhere) and bravely fulfill our dreams!

     Anna is going to inspire you, for sure! She owns a great fashion sense, from which you can only learn and get a real delight! Visit her blog for more looks and more information about her interesting attractive personality. In a few days I am going to present you some of her astonishing styling decisions, which you can find in her showroom TENDRESSES STORE.

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