150025_1466183254556_8197445_n     Do we have to change? Do we have to move on? Do we have to satisfy our curiosity and find out answers of the issues such as “What if?”

   Changes help us reveal new qualities and abilities, we learn to survive. Is there something you don’t like about you? We tend to be critical with ourselves (and this is how it should be!), so I would say almost everyone can find at least one flaw in itself! Do what is necessary to figure it out! Don’t ask “What if it gets worse?”! Just think how to do it the best way, search and ask anyone who can help you! HAVE THE COURAGE to act and don’t give up easily!   image_1364836547608311

  Today I meet you with Loreta, a young and brave girl from Bulgaria, who is not afraid to change, to experimentalise, because no matter how you play with your appearance, you still remain the same person with the same heart and soul-the most important things you should never loose! Her eyes and smile can blow away your mind, they are so magnetic! It’s amazing how many and how different hairstyles she’s tried. Each one looks perfectly on her face and personality! Congrats for all those good strikes!


528497_4067647649540_1380028286_n 526127_3859016593894_633540371_n 376662_4045498375822_1939696488_n 304215_4157053204623_1797415923_n 524954_4591922556085_83684260_n 179041_1527720472948_1524306_n 63152_3859016113882_1923573318_n

   I need to pay attention to her prom dress! Brave, gorgeous, different, out of rage, want to wear it! You’re a rad!

156589_3189970908170_1874343122_n 577033_3189970468159_319173125_n (1) 549395_3131429324667_1946852811_n 216377_1662410120105_1484188_n 218070_1653092407168_4365992_n 376538_4153968247501_1419887784_n

   P.S. My name is Eva, I adore apples (and snakes also), I just couldn’t leave the picture with the “hearted apple” unshared! It’s madden on an excursion in Germany 🙂

69831_1426237415935_8381512_n 317156_2000033240472_1067035894_n 309284_1932402949757_990562_n 283072_1859444485841_696215_n 183968_1859446805899_6054710_n


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