19   One of the things I admire, and maybe everyone, is the inner fire in the active and dynamic people’s minds, who spend their time in making a good living, following dreams and looking forward to fulfill their aims! Every beginning, each new page we open in life is about hard work, good luck and patience! When a baby is born, it needs at least a year and a half to start talking and walking. And the parents never stop asking for more-“ooh, when is it going to start eating alone?…dressing up?.. going out? ….find good friends?….. studying?….. working and making money?….find a girl/boyfriend?”….and so on, you know what is next. It’s the same with each “new path” we take! This is the circle of life-asking and receiving from others but and from ourselves. This is the power of your personal evolution.   

      Valerio Natale, the inspiration for “SUMMER IS FILLED WITH BREAKING RULES…” post, is here to answer my usual questions (I like very much asking different people the same things, because I get so different answers- an easy way to make a comparison between the personalities/styles/dedications). I have to notice the black sweatshirt form the first picture is madden by him! Here is what he says (I wish I could meet face to face all those folks, but maybe someday…) :



       In my free time i like to put lot of stuff together, I love necklace and I’m always finding little pieces of ancient things to combine.

     I love doing everything from the public relation to the preparation of a club. Drawing and taking pictures with my reflex are my passions, as you can see. I’ve been working as a photographer in some neapolitan clubs. Last year i took my degree in fashion design and i started working on my first collection in collaboration with NICE TO BE. It is clothesline for clubbers.

16 17

      WHICH ARE YOUR FAVORITE SHOPPING DESTINATIONS (countries/cities/shops/trends)?

    Actually i prefer to buy things in flea markets,because is not too expensive and you can find lots of different clothes. I like to combine expensive things with cheaper,the brand is not style,sometimes my all outfit could cost only 10 euro.

   In Naples there are lot of vintage shops like FRENDO and OBLAMOVA and cool places like FASHION VICTIM STORE.

    The city where I prefer to shop is Berlin there is a big flea market near Kreuzberg. And also London especially in Brick Lane and East London.

18 21

     WHICH IS THE PLACE YOU FEEL THE BEST(city/country/it could be even a coffee shop)?

     Once you put your foot in Berlin,you will never want to go back home,that place is amazing.

     People are so cool and stylish. You have to go around the city and to visit all the contemporary art galleries, even if outside is freezing. You can listen to the best music all over the world,in Berghain (from the author: I agree with you, great techno! It takes me away!).

      One of my best clubs in Berlin is Salon der Wilden Renate,that place is wonderful! Every room has a different mood- in one there is a double bed. You can find also a tea room full of ancient paintings.

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      WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE (principles you follow to be happy/favorite quotes)?

      Just enjoy my life, surrounded of good friends, good music and of course lots of clothes.


I wish you good luck and never stop discovering the beauty of living! 20



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