00        I’ve always been dreaming for a place where all the people out there on the streets are saluting you with smile, or at least not looking angry and preoccupied, but relaxed and happy. It’s kind of utopic, unreal and fondly. Believe it or not, I found this place like about 4 years ago, far from home, but near my love. It’s a small island where people don’t walk out with their problems but with their serenity.   

          Unfortunately I have to come back here to other reality, do my studies, but miss my sun. Anyway I am happy to study something that defines me and suits me. I’ve opened my eyes wider, I’ve liberated my mind and revealed some hidden qualities I‘ve never supposed I own.

        Yes, you already ask yourself “Why is this shit? What do I care?” (Hope those aren’t the exact questions in your head!) Well, the person I present you today is like coming out from a French fairytale about love! Her name is Iulia Circei, a graduated architecture student form Romania, but also fashion dedicated. Soon you are going to be able to read what she has to say about her. HERE and HERE you can visit her own page and see more of her style.

          It’s not just about clothes and up to trend fashion! I want you to look in to her eyes and understand what a determined, confident, grateful of life woman looks like, a woman who follow her inner voice and way. If it comes to advice, those are the things I would tell you. STOP asking questions without answers, just act! START doing the things you like or at least start searching them!

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