0Here is Andreea, a sweet red-haired, dedicated to art girl, the next in our “Bucharest architecture students” list.  She is very fresh looking and sexy. Even in the everyday life, she manages to bring joy and in the same time sense of youth, wildness and courage. Here are few words she says about herself: 

HOBBY:  I love art and I really enjoy painting. It’s my way of escape from the real world and I feel like I can create anything that can make me, or others happy.   

   SHOPPING: I really adore Paris in the first place. Then it comes the internet as a comfortable option for saving time.” The French capital is also my favorite city for visiting and “spending” any kind of positive emotions.

   GOING OUT: I don’t have a particular place to go out the most, but I like any place that serves sea food (I luv sea food).

   PHILOSOPHY:  If I can’t find things that make me happy, I create them. I love traveling and i hope to see the whole world. Hong Kong is my next top on the list city to visit. Also traveling is very important for me- seeing new stuff in every city is a really good source of inspiration for my artwork.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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