Here is one more trip in other dimensions and states of mind. This time our guide is going to be Eneada, an architecture student and jewelry maker from Romania. Actually I thing “maker” is quite mechanical notion, “creator” being more conventional for what you are going to see. Those items are like masterpieces, coming out from the soul of a woman, speaking to you with a silky voice. There is such a strong personality in each one, so you are never going to feel alone when you put it on. This is the way this amazing girl represents who she is-by her jewelry art. Visit her facebook page and get closer to what she has to share with you.  

Here is what she’s shared with me. I ensure you are going to enjoy reading it!

    TELL ME MORE ABOUT WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO: My favourite occupation has always been art , creating something special, either it’s been about architecture, design or jewelry. I will stop at the last one, because I found my true passion in creating jewelry. Of course, every woman loves jewelry and has her own way of seeing it, so I decided to take a step forword and put my ideas in the world , creating new designs and new ways of understanding how an accessory could look like.

   WHERE DO YOU ENJOY SHOPPING?: I have traveled to many wonderful places, but what I really enjoyed was my time in Italy, while visiting Venice. I found a series of small but fashionable boutiques and shops, with a personal feeling. I appreciate unique or limited edition products, because it is very important to feel special, to feel that you have a personal style, and things that no one else has. I encourage people to follow their own trends, to wear what they like, even modify clothes they already have, for instance.In a word, be unique.

     IS THERE ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR OWN? :    I don’t actually have a favourite place, but I do have favourite people, and it doesn’t really matter where I am, when I ‘m with them. But if I have to think of a place, that would be nature, outdoors, in the summer, when everything is green and alive. I often go to the park and I take my jewelry with me , I relax and let nature inspire me.

    FAVE QUOTE? : Never question your own spark ! 

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